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America First Coalition Demands DeSantis Strengthen Florida’s Big Tech Bills To End Online Censorship

A number of America First commentators, including former Congressional candidate Laura Loomer, and Nick Fuentes, are demanding the proposed Big Tech bills in Florida’s legislature be strengthened with various amendments.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced at the start of February a number of actions that would be taken against Big Tech by his administration, with the focus more on how Big Tech censorship and interference would effect elections within the state. As National File reported:

Some of the new regulations include a mandatory opt-out from content filters created by Big Tech companies, which can leave users “shadowbanned” without the need for full platform removal, a right of action for all Floridians against Big Tech companies who violated this, and a number of daily fines related to interference in elections, including a $100,000 daily fine levied for any company that suspends political candidates. DeSantis claimed that the Big Tech companies were the number one threat to democracy and freedom of expression in America.

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson remarked that the proposed action plan “really does set the standard for the rest of the country.” However, this is what a number of America First commentators currently fear, who argue that the Big Tech bills now put forward in the Florida House and Senate based on DeSantis’s plan go nowhere near far enough.

Laura Loomer, the former Florida Congressional candidate who was the first de-platformed candidate in US history, criticized the bills in two key areas. Loomer said that the fines proposed for Big Tech companies were “chump change” for the huge corporations, with the $4.6 million fine that Facebook and Google would have received for censoring her during 2019-2020 campaign only amounting to 0.006% and 0.002% of their 2020 revenues respectively. There is also no evidence to suggest that such fines would happen retroactively regardless.

“Paying a minor fine to prevent a candidate or candidates they don’t like from winning an election is a steal of a deal,” Loomer said. “In its current form, the wording of this legislation would make things worse for censored candidates, because it would give Big Tech an easy way to interfere with an election with minimal consequences in the form of small fines.”

Secondly, Loomer argued, there is no protection for constitutional speech in Florida’s Big Tech bills, and only requires the social media platforms to “apply censorship, deplatforming, and shadow banning standards in a consistent manner” among its users. “Sounds nice and all, but Zuckerberg and Dorsey read that as ‘Sweet! I can consistently ban conservative speech among all of my little users!’” Loomer argued.

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Facebook ‘Supreme Court’ Empowered to Demand More Censorship

The Facebook oversight board, commonly known as the “Facebook supreme court,” which was established by the social network as a quasi-independent body to hear appeals on Facebook’s decision to censor or ban content, has now been empowered to demand more censorship from Mark Zuckerberg’s platform.

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Monsanto Case Reveals That Power Conspiracies On A Massive Scale Do Happen | Think Election 2020 Fraud

German chemical giants Bayer admitted Monday its subsidiary Monsanto could have kept lists of key figures — for or against pesticides — “in other European countries”, and not just in France.

Bayer apologised Sunday after it emerged that Monsanto had a PR agency collate lists of French politicians, scientists and journalists, with their views on pesticides and GM crops.

“I think it’s very likely that such lists also exist in other European countries,” Matthias Berninger, Bayer’s head of Public Affairs, told journalists in a conference call.

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‘We’re Living in a Gigantic Lie’ – Dennis Prager Talks Free Speech | American Thought Leaders | Video: 47 Minutes 32 Seconds

On the heels of the breach of the U.S. Capitol, big tech companies have swiftly censored the President, the emerging social media platform Parler was effectively shut down, and there are growing calls for no-fly lists. Does the assault on the Capitol warrant such a response?

“We’re living in a gigantic lie that is reminiscent of the Reichstag fire,” argues author and talk show host Dennis Prager, founder of Prager University.

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Dozens of Plaintiffs Demand Day in Court Against Monsanto as Bayer Tries to Reassure Investors

Ken Moll is girding for battle.

Moll, a Chicago-based personal injury attorney, has dozens of lawsuits pending against the former Monsanto Co., all alleging the company’s Roundup weed killers cause non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and he is now preparing several of those cases for trial.

Moll’s firm is one of a handful that have refused settlement offers made by Monsanto owner Bayer AG, deciding instead to take the fight over the safety of Monsanto’s glyphosate-based herbicide products back into courtrooms around the country.

Though Bayer has assured investors it is bringing closure to the costly Roundup litigation through settlement deals totaling more than $11 billion, new Roundup cases are still being filed, and notably several are positioned for trial, with the earliest set to start in July.

“We’re going forward,” Moll said. “We’re doing this.”

Moll has lined up many of the same expert witnesses who helped win the three Roundup trials held to date. And he plans to rely heavily on the same internal Monsanto documents that provided shocking revelations of corporate misconduct that led juries to award hefty punitive damages to the plaintiffs in each of those trials.

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NASA gets first weather report from the Jerezo Crater Mars using a system strapped to Perseverance

NASA shared the first weather report from Jezero Crater on Mars. A system attached to Perseverance’s mast showed it went from -4F to -14 degrees on Feb. 19 at around 10:25pm ET.

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What to Know About the Facebook Data Leak

Data from a 2019 hack of the social-media platform has recently been made public, revealing the phone numbers and personal information of more than a half-billion people.

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Twitter Suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene After She Tweets ‘He Is Risen! Happy Easter!’

U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was suspended by Twitter this morning, shortly after she tweeted “He Is Risen,” something said by billions of Christians to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In its message to Greene, Twitter did not note what offense she made, however, many pundits and Greene herself have noted that the action happened soon after she tweeted “He Is Risen” on Easter morning. Twitter simply notified Greene, “We have determined that you have violated the Twitter Rules, so we’ve temporarily limited some of your account features.”

On Gab, Greene wrote, “After tweeting, “He is risen! Happy Easter!” I was suspended this morning for 12 hours! Was it my Christian faith? My never ending demand to an end to murdering God’s creation in the womb? Is it my fight to protect our greatest right to defend ourselves, come and take them? My willingness to Fire Fauci? Maybe my fight to stop mandated vaccine passports? Or how about calling out Ilhan Omar?”

“Or really… Fighting with every ounce of my body to Save America and Stop Socialism!!! Message to Big Tech: I’LL NEVER STOP!!! You can’t silence me. You can’t stop me. The People are with me. And so are the greatest conservatives especially President Trump!!!” Greene added.

Twitter has previously suspended Greene multiple times, most recently as the House of Representatives debated ejecting her from Congress. Twitter later admitted the action was taken by mistake, however, not until after Greene was left unable to use the platform to defend herself against charges levied by Democrats and anti-America First Republicans.

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Matt Gaetz’s Stirring Speech On The House Floor Hours After The January 6th Capitol Breach Finalized Putting A Target On His Back | Video: 4 Minutes 15 Seconds

Allegations against Representative Matt Gaetz (R) may or may not be true. But there’s one thing the American public can count on: if you have a Democrat in trouble, in this case Joe Biden (D) and his son Hunter Biden with a laptop of evidence on Chinagate, Russia, sex trafficking and procurement, go after your political opponent and shift the accusations on them.

Hours after the January 6th breach of the U.S. Capitol, Matt Gaetz gave a speech that infuriated Democrats by pointing out a summer of non-stop violent BLM and Antifa protests, calls for de-funding the police when politically expedient, the use of impeachment as the weapon of choice against President Donald J Trump and to put the icing on the cake, the use of mail in ballots to effectuate election malfeasance.

“People do understand the concepts of basic fairness. And no competition, contest or election can be deemed fair if the participants are subject to different rules. Baseball teams that cheat and steal signs should be stripped of their championships. Russian Olympians who cheat and use steroids should be stripped of their medals and states that do not run clean elections should be stripped of their electors. . . ”

“. . . In 2016 Democrats found out that they couldn’t beat Donald Trump at the ballot box with voters who actually show up. So they turned to impeachment and the witness box. And when that failed they ran to the mailbox where this election saw an unprecedented amount of votes that could not be authenticated with true ID, with true signature match and with true confidence for the American people. Our article 3 courts have failed by not holding evidentiary hearings to weigh the evidence. We should not join in that failure. We should vindicate the rights of states. We should vindicate the subpoenas in Arizona that have been issued to get a hold of these voting machines and we should reject these electors.”  ~ Matt Gaetz

Video: 4 Minutes 15 Seconds

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Hackers leak phone numbers and personal data from 533 MILLION Facebook users online 

Personal information from users around the world is being offered for a few euros’ worth of digital credit on a well-known site for digital hackers.

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Below Is Foundational Information On Some Of The Issues With Big Tech

'Google’s China rapproachment has been spearheaded by Pichai, Google’s current CEO, a 46-year-old Indian-American who took the helm in October 2015. At a June 2016 conference in southern California, Pichai made his intentions clear. “I care about servicing users globally in every corner. Google is for everyone,” he said. “We want to be in China serving Chinese users.”' Google Employees have been warning us about China and Google under Pichai, for years. The censorship chickens have been coming home to roost ever since. Say hello to Dragonfly.

Wondering Why Censorship Has Increased In America? Dragonfly, Censorship Through Algorithms and Human Surveillance, Has Landed Across All Platforms. “Many of us accepted employment at Google with the company’s values in mind, including its previous position on Chinese censorship and surveillance, and an understanding that Google was a company willing to place its values above its profits. After a year of disappointments including Project Maven, Dragonfly, and Google’s support for abusers, we no longer believe this is the case. This is why we’re taking a stand.”


~ Mark Zuckerberg

'In another exchange leaked to Silicon Alley Insider, Zuckerberg explained to a friend that his control of Facebook gave him access to any information he wanted on any Harvard student:
Zuck: yea so if you ever need info about anyone at harvard
Zuck: just ask
Zuck: i have over 4000 emails, pictures, addresses, sns
Friend: what!? how’d you manage that one?
Zuck: people just submitted it
Zuck: i don’t know why
Zuck: they “trust me”
Zuck: dumb fucks'

Defense Department Technology used by ex-general against a sitting U.S. President.