Was President Obama Caught on Old Tape Comparing ‘Ribs and Pussy’ In Those Vulgar Terms?

True: Barack Hussein Obama in fact was reciting the vulgarities.

He was reading the filth, according to Michelle Obama’s own standards, from the book Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance. For those of you who don’t know, that is Barack Hussein Obama’s own biography. He included the offending words in all its vulgar glory from a man who joined his conversation in discussing Malcom X.

He then chose to read that part of his biography in public, with Colin Powell in the audience, for all the world to hear it come from his own lips. As LeBron James would put it, disgusting. Notice the audience laughter and smirk on Obama’s face and the fake inflection he gives the sentences to make it seem more ‘street’. Mr. Obama’s reaction? He was not offended by comparing women to pieces of meat, but by the disrespect shown to Malcom X’s views on race by not wanting to go to Africa.

Michelle Obama claims she’s never heard such language or such derogatory imagery of women in her life. Presumably, she’s never read Barack Hussein Obama’s own biography or seen his live readings.


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