iPhone Mania

If you don’t know, there’s been another death related to product malfeasance and/or incompetence in China. This time, instead of lead in children’s toys or antifreeze in toothpaste, it has to do with the iPhone.

Yes, that beautifully designed, well thought out gizmo that many of us can no longer live without and have no idea how we did it before it was invented. Poor Sun Danyong. He’s the fellow who threw himself off the twelfth floor of his building after being questioned by security about the missing iPhone prototype.

One thing you don’t want to do in China is mess with a product intended to sell to the United States or is created by an American company. The Chinese government does not view this kindly. I imagine the people who fall into this category would rather off themselves than be handed over to the Chinese government.

The same fate met Mr. Zhang, of lead toys fame. They probably look at the fate of Zheng Xiaoyu and say, “Well, I’ll go my way. Good night.”

They don’t mess around in China. Forget sitting in death row for years, appeal after appeal. Two weeks for the whole trial and execution. Finito!

Reporters having to quickly get the information out to their bureau chiefs can always text the news to headquarters. On their iPhone, of course.


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