Mr. Obama’s Speech To The United Nations – Part 1

Here is part 1 of Mr. Obama’s speech to the United Nations. The first portions of the speech, part 1, as well as the ending portion, part 4, have drawn the most criticism from American commentators. It’s important to hear him speak, first, before reaching a commentary. Here is part one of this speech to […]

Mr. Obama’s Speech To The United Nations – Part 2

Everyone should have the right to speak for themselves. Regardless of your point of view on Mr. Obama, every now and then we should listen. Perhaps they are empty promises, or they are pleas given to Iranian, Lybian and North Korean maniacs who couldn’t care less about real peace and prosperity. But this is America, […]

Mr. Obama’s Speech To United Nations – Part 3

Let Mr. Obama continue his talk to the United Nations. Here’s part 3.