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‘They Should Be Fired’ – Scientist Says Washington State COVID Test Info That Prompted Lockdowns Is ‘Garbage Data’

AP Photo/Elaine Thompson
Dr. Clifford Knopik, who holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science, a Masters in Information Systems, and earned a few more letters after his name, has some bad news for Americans – especially those living in Washington State: the COVID test results data that led to lockdowns are “garbage.”

“In May 2020, when it was becoming clear that the data’s garbage, we went back to living as normal as we possibly could,” he said. “My wife and I discussed that for the sake of our sanity … for our kids’ emotional sanity let’s just get back to normal. It’s not worth it.”

Knopik began prying information out of the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) to find out what the numbers revealed.

The more he discovered about the test result data the angrier he became. “The more I dig, the more upset I get,” he said. “It’s troubling that there’s people out there that aren’t as lucky as I am with my family.”

“Never in my professional career [have I seen] this level of vagueness and corrupted data,” Knopik added. “It wouldn’t be stood for in private business or in a doctoral study. This is just amazing to me. The level of impactful decisions made on just garbage data – that’s what I’m calling it, garbage data – I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Knopik told Seattle radio host Todd Herman (full disclosure: this writer fills in for Todd on KTTH radio) that he’s now confirmed that the COVID testing data are useless and yet have been used to lock down the state. . . .

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Germany Calls on China to Allow Further Investigations Into COVID Origins

BERLIN—German Health Minister Jens Spahn called on China to make it possible for investigations into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic to continue, saying more information was needed.

Speaking during a visit to the World Health Organization headquarters in Geneva on Thursday, Spahn also announced a 260 million euro donation to WHO’s ACT-Accelerator program, which aims to ensure the entire world, including poorer countries, receive coronavirus vaccines and tests.

“I call on China to make it possible for the investigations into the origins of COVID to be continued,” he said. . .

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WHO admits errors in report of COVID origins, says will correct mistakes

The World Health Organization said Thursday the groups joint report with China on the origins of COVID-19 has “unintended errors” that will be corrected.

WHO spokesman Tarik Jasarevic told The Washington Post that the errors were in editing and did not change the accuracy of the overall, roughly 4-month-old report, nor its conclusions.

The corrections include specifically altering the virus sequence IDs for three of the 13 earliest patients listed in the report. It will also clarify that the first family cluster did not come from the seafood market in Wuhan, China, as Chinese officials originally said.

Jasarevic also told The Post that the first known patient was probably not the first case, therefore the competing claims about where that person lived is not relevant to the origin of the virus.

The updates follow after the newspaper outlined inconsistencies on the earliest known patient. The WHO upon hearing about the inconsistencies launched an investigation into the report and found other editing errors. . . .

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China says pandemic won’t delay 2022 Winter Olympics

Journalists film the National Ski Jumping Centre, one of the venues for Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.
Journalists film the National Ski Jumping Centre, one of the venues for Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. | Andy Wong/AP

Organizers have not announced what rules will be in place for athletes, officials and coaches at the 2022 Winter Olympics, or if fans will be allowed.

ZHANGJIAKOU, China — With the postponed Summer Olympics set to open in Tokyo next week, Beijing has made moves to show its preparations for the Winter Games are well on track for February despite the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Journalists taken on a tour of snow event venues in the outlying city of Zhangjiakou this week were shown the locations for ski jumping, snowboarding and Nordic events.

While China has largely eliminated local transmission of the coronavirus, it has maintained strict quarantine regulations. Organizers have not announced what rules will be in place for athletes, officials and coaches at the 2022 Winter Olympics, or if fans will be allowed.

Jia Maoting, general manager of the company overseeing construction of the venues, told reporters that the “pandemic situation is uncertain, we cannot guess how it will develop.”

“We have solid determination to face the changing world,” Jia added. “We built good venues in any case and then we wait and expect a good result.”

China has also faced calls for a boycott of the games from foreign politicians and human rights groups over the country’s detention of more than 1 million members of the Uyghur and other Muslim ethnic groups in the northwestern region of Xinjiang.

Beijing says it provided voluntary job training and anti-radicalization classes and has denounced boycott calls as a politicization of sports based on false evidence.

The Chinese capital hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics and is the first city to be given rights to host the Winter Games as well.

Chen Rongqin, an official with the planning committee’s construction department, said work was largely completed apart from construction on temporary facilities that can’t be built too early.

“We still need to build some more facilities and houses in the next few months, and those are our major work now,” Chen said.

The National Ski Jumping Center was one of the major venues for the tour, highlighted with an evening light show. It is has been nicknamed Snow Ruyi, after an ancient ski slope-shaped jade ornament symbolizing good fortune. As well as its two ski jumping tracks, it has a football pitch at its base.

Zhangjiakou is about 200 kilometers (125 miles) to the west of Beijing in Hebei province, connected by highway and a high-speed rail line.

It is due to host ski jumping, snowboarding, freestyle skiing, cross-country skiing, and Nordic combined and biathlon competitions during the Games.

The 2020 Summer Games were last year postponed for 12 months because of the pandemic.

There’ll be heavy restrictions on all participants at the Games, which open July 23. And with Tokyo in a state of emergency and rising numbers of COVID-19 cases in the city, there’ll be no fans allowed at most of the Olympic venues.

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IT BEGINS: The Government Is Keeping a List of Who Has Taken the COVID Vaccine and Contacting Individuals Not Vaccinated

Colorado is keeping a list of individuals in the state who have not taken the China coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine and calling them and encouraging them to take it.

One citizen in the state of Colorado shared with us that she had been contacted by the state.

I thought I’d share this with gateway. Tonight I received a phone call from a phone number called, CO VAX CO. After looking up the number, I was directed to the Colorado Department’s of Public Health and Environment’s website where I came across a paragraph that alarmed me:

REMOTE, (June 18, 2021): On Monday, June 21, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) will begin making outgoing phone calls to Colorado residents age 18 and older who have not yet received a COVID-19 vaccine.

The individual shared the call information –

According to the Colorada Department of Public Health and Environment, they are beginning a call campaign to encourage people to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

On Monday, June 21, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) will begin making outgoing phone calls to Colorado residents age 18 and older who have not yet received a COVID-19 vaccine. Callers will provide information about vaccination, help with scheduling appointments at local vaccine locations, and answer questions about the COVID-19 vaccines.

The outbound call campaign is an important step toward Colorado’s goal of having 70% of adults vaccinated with at least one dose by July 4. This goal is in line with President Biden’s National Month of Action, which aims to increase vaccination rates across the country.

“I’m excited that Coloradans will have a new opportunity to learn more about COVID-19 vaccines to help them make informed decisions about their health,” said Jill Hunsaker Ryan, executive director, CDPHE. “It’s normal to have questions about COVID-19 vaccines. These outgoing calls will provide Coloradans with accurate information and help them find a free vaccination appointment in their neighborhood if they choose to be protected from COVID-19.”

The calls will be completed by COVAXCO, the call center that has been answering inbound calls about COVID-19 vaccination in Colorado. Information will be available in multiple languages. Coloradans can continue to call the inbound vaccine hotline at 1-877-CO VAX CO (1-877-268-2926). The hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our source shared – This confirms our government is indeed keeping a list of who has taken the COVID vaccine. 

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California Woman Is Charged in Fake Covid-19 Vaccine Card Scheme

Juli Mazi, 41, of Napa, Calif., was charged with one count of wire fraud and one count of false statements related to health care matters, federal prosecutors said.

A homeopathic doctor in California is the first person to face federal charges for selling fake Covid-19 vaccination cards, the authorities said.

The doctor, Juli A. Mazi of Napa, Calif., also sold Covid-19 “immunization pellets” to patients, federal prosecutors said. She was arrested on Wednesday and charged with one count of wire fraud and one count of false statements related to health care matters, according to a criminal complaint. Ms. Mazi faces up to 20 years in prison and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, the authorities said.

Ms. Mazi sold pellets for $243 that she said contained a “very minute amount” of the coronavirus that would trigger an immune response and provide “lifelong immunity to Covid-19,” the complaint said. To encourage customers to purchase the pellets, prosecutors said, Ms. Mazi falsely told them that the three Covid-19 vaccines authorized for use in the United States contained “toxic ingredients.”

She also offered homeopathic immunizations for childhood illnesses that she falsely claimed would satisfy immunization requirements for California schools, according to the complaint.

A federal public defender, David W. Rizk, for Ms. Mazi declined to comment on Thursday. . . .

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Dr. Fauci Has Lied To Congress & The American People About Funding Gain Of Function Viruses | Video 6 Minutes 15 Seconds

Things got heated. Rand Paul is going hard against Doctor Fauci.

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‘We Can All Learn From China’ – Fauci-Funded Researcher Hyped CCP Vaccines and Lockdowns on Communist State Propaganda Network.

Riley, who has received millions from Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) as part of his 100 total grants the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has participated in several China Global Television Network (CGTN) programs.

Riley received most of the grants during his tenure as a Professor and Chair of the Division of Infectious Disease and Vaccinology at the University of California Berkeley’s Li Ka Shing Center.

His resume also reveals grants from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and United States Agency for International Development. Riley has delivered several lectures in China, including at Chinese Communist-run institutions such as the Zhejiang Provincial CDC. He also boasts of having “research collaborations” in China.

CGTN: State-Run, CCP Propaganda.

Forced to register as a “foreign agent” in the U.S. by the Trump administration, CGTN relies on participation from American experts such as Riley to grant credibility to the operation. CGTN has been identified as a “long-standing weapon in Beijing’s arsenal of repression” whose raison d’être is “to attack designated enemies of the Communist Party,” even airing forced confessions to do so. . . .

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Carroll County summer camp suspends operations after two staff members test positive for COVID

A summer camp in Manchester shut down Wednesday after two positive cases of COVID-19 were reported among its staff, according to a statement on the camp’s website.

River Valley Ranch’s camp discovered the cases after routine weekly testing, according to the statement. The staff members who tested positive did not have severe symptoms ― one had none and the other had mild symptoms.

The camp is requiring staff members who were exposed to quarantine. With staff out, camp sessions were canceled through next week and will tentatively restart July 25, according to the website.

“The safety of our campers, their families and our staff is always our highest priority. This only applies to overnight camps, and does include both Fort Roller and Frontier Town. Day Camp, which is being held off-site, will continue as planned,” the statement on the camp’s website says. . . .

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“Perfect Storm” of Pandemic, Poverty & Jailing Ex-President Unleashes Mass Protest in South Africa

Seg2 zuma protesters 3

We go to South Africa, where more than 70 are dead and at least 3,000 people have been arrested since demonstrations erupted after former President Jacob Zuma began his 15-month jail sentence for refusing to testify in a corruption probe. Protesters also expressed frustration with entrenched poverty and inequity as South Africa battles a devastating wave of COVID-19. “This was really a perfect storm that has built up,” says Sithembile Mbete, a senior lecturer in political sciences at the University of Pretoria in Johannesburg. “The protests and the unrest has stopped being about former President Zuma and has become more about the socioeconomic conditions that people find themselves in and the problems of hunger.”

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