Who is Barry Soetoro?

Is Barry Soetoro actually Barack Hussein Obama, current President of the United States? Who is Barry Soetoro? Who are the Democrat Socialists of America (DSA)? Was Barry Soetoro part of the DSA? If Barry Soetoro is Barack Hussein Obama, did Barack Obama attend the American Action Network (AAAN) with PLO advisor Edward Said? In 2003, […]

Obamination:Abomination. What’s The Difference?

At Great Bloggers, we’re creating a new term to describe the new world we’re living in: an Obamination. It’s simply an easy to use adjective to describe the nonsense we now know as Obamamania. Even as more Americans lose their jobs, and the OFFICIAL unemployment rate continues to rise we continue this insane need to […]

So, You’re Not Being Watched?

There’s an interesting tale about Sidekick users and their information. When you use the Sidekick, all of your contacts and other personal information is actually stored by . . . Microsoft. Yes, Microsoft has every little detail you put into one of the most personal items being used today: your cell phone. Today, we’ve gotten […]

New World Order: It’s How You Look At It

Here’s a scenario: It’s one of the threads that runs through the entire fabric of the New World Order conspiracy theory that one of the tools of the conspirators is the Zionist movement and its use to further the goals of instituting a one world government. It’s because under this view the real institutions of […]

A Video Understanding of the New World Order

Sometimes, a video presentation can illuminate a mindset much easier than an article. Here, you can see a video presentation discussing how propaganda can be used to promote the consolidation of power in the name of hope and change. And this, from a Bush basher.

New World Order: Who Is Pulling The Strings?

One of the most common questions asked by those who do not believe in the New World Order, is this, who is “they” when the claim is made that “they” are trying to take over the world? That is a fundamental question that seems to be lacking when discussing these issues. So, here, in this […]

Cash For Clunkers: Hundreds of Dealers Pull Out Of Program. What Does This Say About Healthcare?

If the Obama plan for funding Cash for Clunkers is in such disarray, that Obama’s own car company, General Motors, aka Government Motors, cannot pay it’s own GM dealers, how does this bode for government run health care? As is, GM central has stepped in to save face for Obama, putting up cash to fund […]

The Conspiracy To Rule The World

WELCOME to the start of discussions having to do with the “New World Order”. My name is Todd Reed. After many years of searching almost daily on the Internet and through a number of other sources for information on this topic, I decided there would be many benefits to have a calm and well researched […]