Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon and Barack Hussein “Osama” Obama

It may seem difficult at first to see the connection between Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon and Barack Hussein “Osama” Obama, as Ted Kennedy called him. But the connecton is definitely there.

Richard Nixon is actually the president who started affirmative action as we know it. He’s also the president who set up wage and price controls. And as expected, it was a dismal failure.

August 15, 1971.  In a move widely applauded by the public and a fair number of (but by no means all) economists, President Nixon imposed wage and price controls.  The 90 day freeze was unprecedented in peacetime, but such drastic measures were thought necessary.  Inflation had been raging, exceeding 6% briefly in 1970 and persisting above 4% in 1971.  By the prevailing historical standards, such inflation rates were thought to be completely intolerable.

The 90 day freeze turned into nearly 1,000 days of measures known as Phases One, Two, Three, and Four.  The initial attempt to dampen inflation by calming inflationary expectations was a monumental failure.

Failure, and the mainstream media’s applause over policies leading to the failure, is the connection. Mr. Obama, the worst president this country has had the misfortune of placing in office, is basically overseeing the destruction of American exceptionalism.

Why? Because Mr. Obama doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism as encapsulated in the U.S. Constitution.

Mr. Obama spent his formative years without a father, idolizing someone who was an avowed Marxist and who abandoned his mother, then being taken to a foreign country to attend elementary school in a Muslim nation. These years are considered to be the ones where the most ingrained perceptions and world views are formed, and Mr. Obama formed them as a Muslim and Indonesian citizen.

Now, listen closely. I’m not talking about legalities here. I’m talking about a mindset. These are facts. They are denied, poo pooed and basically “covered up” because of the broohaha over whether or not Mr. Obama can legally sit in the oval office as President of the United States.

If you think this article is about that, you’re missing the point. This article is about how someone can sit in the oval office as President of the United States, with a mind that spouts the following on public radio about the U.S. Constitution he is supposed to defend: the Warren court

didn’t break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution, at least as it has been interpreted.

In case you haven’t been told, Mr. Obama. Those aren’t contraints. They’re protections set up to preserve the central purpose of the document, to maintain a free republic.

Yet, as Mr. Obama presides over a train wreck that he and the party of the Klan, the Democrat Party, have caused, he is given a pass by the mainstream media.

“Tricky Dick” and “Osama Obama”. They seem more alike every day.

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