Payback! Revenge! Mr. Hussein Obama Scratches Virginia’s Back and Gives The Finger To Palin’s Alaska

In typical Chicago Thug and hypocritical fashion, Mr. Hussein Obama has ordered that off shore drilling can take place off the coast of Virginia. As we all know at this point, Jim Moran, Democrat, congressman, and some would say, weasel, voted against the American people’s will and for Obama’s banana republic health care debacle.

So the original plan to have off shore drilling in Alaska is scratched and the plan is now okayed for Virginia.


Because Democrats, the party of the Ku Klux Klan, decided to take away one of American’s most precious rights, the right to decide how best to care for oneself. It has been taken away from the individual and is now in the hands of government wonks.

It’s hard not to see how Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Barack Hussein Obama are two peas in a pod.

Listen to the following and see if it doesn’t sound familiar? The president, who says he wants to create a new form of socialism, has pursued populist policies aimed at helping the poor. The programmes include free health care, subsidised food and land reform.

Does this sound like Mr. Obama? Yes it does. The problem for Americans is that the president quoted is in fact Hugo Chavez.

Mr. Obama, socialist?

Sadly. Yes.

Hussein Obama and Hugo Chavez, good friends and fellow socialists.

Hussein Obama and Hugo Chavez, good friends and fellow socialists.

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