Obama Jobs Fair or PR Stunt?

Calling Mr. Obama An Amateur Is Being Kind

Calling Mr. Obama An Amateur Is Being Kind

In a turnaround, CBS news is no longer simply putting out the Obama spin. Instead,, they actually allow for the fact that more jobs have been lost under Mr. Obama, in spite of the “stimulus” package, than even they can hide.

Americans are out of work. A lot of Americans are out of work.

And while unions keep clamoring for more money to be spent, money that employed Americans cannot afford to pay in the form of more taxes, Mr. Obama continues his amateur hour with more talk.

Sad days continue in America. Mr. Obama has ushered an uneasy unrest throughout the country. Indeed, the novelty of the first black president has worn thin to the point of being beside the point.

Calling him an amateur is being kind.

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