Featured Video – Ghaddafi Praises Son of Africa and Kenyan, Barack Hussein Obama And The Fact That He Governs United States of America

For some time now, we’ve had this video up and running as our featured video. There’s good reason for that.

We believe that Mr. Obama is more concerned about how the rest of the world VIEWS him, then how well he governs this country, the United States of America, and protects it’s constitution.

Take his recent bow down to Emperor Akihito. But don’t be fooled. What Mr. Obama is trying to convey here is that he inappropriately bows to all foreign leaders, not just Muslim ones.

It’s already being picked up by misinformed and gullible bloggers as an excuse for his having bowed to the Saudi King.

As the American economy for the middle class continues to go down the tubes, the rich get richer and consolidate power, there are still those who fall for the affection of cult. But Mr. Obama shows only one affection: his affection for turning this country into a Banana republic.

No wonder Mr. Ghaddafi praises this son of Africa, this Kenyan, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama. They appear to share the same goals.

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