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Top Researchers Are Calling For A Real Investigation Into The Origin Of Covid-19

wuhan institute of virology

Photo By REUTERS/Thomas Peter

A group of prominent biologists say there needs to be a “safe space” for asking whether the coronavirus came out of a lab.

A year ago, the idea that the covid-19 pandemic could have been caused by a laboratory accident was denounced as a conspiracy theory by the world’s leading journals, scientists, and news organizations. But the origin of the virus that has killed millions remains a mystery, and the chance that it came from a lab has become the theory that cannot be put to rest.

Now, in a letter in the journal Science, 18 prominent biologists—including the world’s foremost coronavirus researcher—are lending their weight to calls for a new investigation of all possible origins of the virus, and calling on China’s laboratories and agencies to “open their records” to independent analysis.

“We must take hypotheses about both natural and laboratory spillovers seriously until we have sufficient data,” the scientists write.

Full Article: [Top researchers are calling for a real investigation into the origin of covid-19]

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