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WELCOME to the start of discussions having to do with the “New World Order”.

My name is Todd Reed. After many years of searching almost daily on the Internet and through a number of other sources for information on this topic, I decided there would be many benefits to have a calm and well researched sharing of information and discussions on this subject.

This is more than an entertaining exercise since the effects of this very broad range of networks (systems & organizations), known as the New World Order, have been increasingly permeating our personal lives, at an increasing pace. So to build a basic framework for discussion will be helpful.

So, what is the “New World Order”?

A common understanding amongst most New World Order observers is that a powerful & secretive group of globalists is conspiring to rule the world by establishing an all powerful, world governing body that is autonomous, secretive and structured in a way that it will replace all sovereign nations with it’s own authoritarian government.

In this view, the significant events taking place in global economics, monetary systems, currencies, and other critical national & world systems are being directed by an extremely influential cabal, with many different organizations serving as fronts and mouthpieces. Many believe that these significant events, such as the current financial meltdown, are incremental steps, planned and executed patiently over centuries, toward an ultimate objective of a one world government.

But how can this conspiracy possibly work?

The answer to that question goes like this: I recently came across an article stating that government intelligence agencies have been planning to invade Iran since 2004. This alone is not nefarious. Think about it. Doesn’t it make sense that the logistics, resources, troop movements and war preparations require years of preparation? Yes, it does. But that’s the problem. These secret exercises are preparation for the propaganda. You cannot start a war without convincing the need for it to the world. When resources are in place for the war, having taken years of preparation, the propaganda machine moves into high gear, building a case for EMERGENCY invasion, immediately.

This need to create panic in the general public can lead to disturbing results. As an example from history, think of the catastrophe of Pearl Harbor. Did you know that our military heroes did not need to die on that day? Jonathan Daniels, Roosevelt’s administrative assistant at the time of Pearl Harbor, stated that Roosevelt felt that, “The blow was heavier than he had hoped… But the risks paid off; even the loss was worth the price. …”

This is what we mean by foreknowledge of certain events that seem to come out of the blue by those in power. Does this seem hard to believe? Please see 1941: Pearl Harbor Sunday: The End of an Era, in “The Aspirin Age – 1919-1941,” edited by Isabel Leighton, Simon and Schuster, New York, 1949, page 490.

The point is that we are now experiencing the results of long-range planning done by many groups who are willing to wait patiently, through generations, for the proper timing to implement their plans & goals for the New World Order.

But if they are so secretive, how are we learning about them and at such a rapid pace?

It’s because the advanced stages of the Information Age are beginning to expose the activities of these organizations for the first time in history. Soon we will understand why they are risking their secrecy, by accelerating their plans, in a way that is beginning to reveal their methods. Expect more uncertainty and chaos in the near future.

So, now that we have the rudimentary understanding of the New World Order, is this just the belief of “conspiracy theorists” and “wackos”? Or is the name calling being used as a way to discredit those who hold these beliefs and suspicions by the very New World Order groups and individuals who are for the first time in history being scrutinized? These are some of the questions we will investigate as we move forward.

And therein may lie a revelation.

New World Order Flow Chart

source - The Conspirator's Hierarchy: The Committee of 300, 4th edition

Until next time,

Todd Reed

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