Obamination:Abomination. What’s The Difference?

If Pigs Could Smile, They Would Look Like This Man: CEO, Chase Bank, James Dimon

If Pigs Could Smile, They Would Look Like This Man: CEO, Chase Bank, James Dimon

At Great Bloggers, we’re creating a new term to describe the new world we’re living in: an Obamination. It’s simply an easy to use adjective to describe the nonsense we now know as Obamamania.

Even as more Americans lose their jobs, and the OFFICIAL unemployment rate continues to rise we continue this insane need to spin bad news as good news as long as it happens during the Obama administration.

Yes, don’t you know we’re in the throes of a recovery? And yes, throes is the right word, as in, throes: A condition of agonizing struggle or trouble: a country in the throes of economic collapse.

It seems that up is down, black is white, good is bad and bad is good when the mainstream media talk about anything being conducted by this administration’s policies.

A case in point: jobless recovery. Think about that. As you lose your job, you’re told that all is good, since we’ve actually been in a jobless recovery. But good for whom?

When you see “good times” next to “jobless rate continues to grow”, look for some sort of consolidation of power. But where? Who? How?

This year alone, 2009, 140 banks fail according to FDIC. 140! According to the Associated Press, “buyers for bad banks are hard to find.

But what about buyers for good banks? Do you think that the banks that received taxpayer dollars at the behest of Mr. Barack Hussein Obama might just have taken that money to gobble up the smaller good banks and the large well known banks in order to form one really BIG bank?

Well, don’t you know that Chase believes that “there are still too many banks in the United States”? Does Mr. Obama agree? You bet he does! To the tune of 26.4 billion dollars of American taxpayers money.

Even Mr. Obama’s mouthpiece, CNN, has taken notice. As the saying goes, always follow the money.


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