New World Order: Who Is Pulling The Strings?

Yes, he said it.

Yes, he said it.

One of the most common questions asked by those who do not believe in the New World Order, is this, who is “they” when the claim is made that “they” are trying to take over the world?

That is a fundamental question that seems to be lacking when discussing these issues. So, here, in this article, I will actually list the individuals and groups that make up the power base of the New World Order.

Here is the hierarchical listing. It is important to understand the it’s a hierarchy because as it branches out onto the lower levels, the farther you are away from the upper power base, the less the groups toward the bottom know the details of what is happening.

  1. Order of the Illuminati – this group is the most difficult to define, because since it’s the highest level of power, it is the power base from which the entire New World Order gets its plans.
  2. House of Rothschilds – developed their power base through the banking industry.
  3. Council of Thirteen – they are 13 bloodlines that through the generations have developed a control structure that controls the economies of the world.
  4. The Order – Chapter 322, “Skull and Bones”, Yale University
  5. The Group – Rhodes/Milner Roundtable, founded in 1890, though at times claimed to have been founded in 1909.
  6. The Bilderbergers – also know as the council of 500. They are a group of industrialists who meet secretly, with top reporters, anchors and government officials, off the record.
  7. House of Rockefeller – made their power base and money through oil exploration and funded the founding of the United Nations.
  8. Council On Foreign Relations – established as a think tank for foreign policy and closely related to the Trilateral Commission.
  9. United Nations – ostensibly established by Roosevelt to promote peace through a global governing body.
  10. Royal Institute for International Affairs – according their own website their mission is to be a world-leading source of independent analysis, informed debate and influential ideas on how to build a prosperous and secure world for all.

As we move forward in explaining the New World Order, we will be discussing these groups, individuals and related organizations.

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