New World Order: It’s How You Look At It

down_israelHere’s a scenario:

It’s one of the threads that runs through the entire fabric of the New World Order conspiracy theory that one of the tools of the conspirators is the Zionist movement and its use to further the goals of instituting a one world government.

It’s because under this view the real institutions of power are the banks, of which most are controlled by Zionists. Centralize the power geographically as well as politically and bingo, you have a centralized government over the people of the world.

End Scenario.

I think someone who agrees with this idea is Iran’s Ahmadinejad:

Mr Ahmadinejad used the occasion to deliver another verbal onslaught on Israel, saying that the Holocaust — the West’s “pretext” for creating the Zionist state — was “a lie based on an unprovable and mythical claim”.

What’s interesting is the current battle that the Iranian people are fighting against it’s own government. The Iranian government is actually a staunch enemy of the Zionist movement. It’s a regime that uses the idea of fighting against the Zionists as a pretext to maintain a stranglehold over it’s people.

The protests that happened over this weekend coincided with al-Quds day, a day of protest against Israel and the Zionist movement and support of the Palestinians.

So let me get this straight: those who promulgate the idea of a New World Order conspiracy, with Zionism as a tool of the conspirators, are in line with Islamic fundamentalists?

Strange bedfellows, indeed . . . or?

Watch below as Iranians rally against their anti-zionist government. They are chanting “death to the dictator”.

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