The Promotion of Idiocracy: John and Ken From KFI Los Angeles


John Kobylt

It’s amazing how informed some of the most ignorant radio talk show hosts can actually sound. On the August 26, 2009, John and Ken KFI show, the former Democrat Party presidential candidate, Lyndon LaRouche, was incorrectly identified as a Republican.


Because John Kobylt (not Cobalt), of Polish extraction, though he pretends to be white as opposed to being a Slav, wants to distance himself from “kooks”. As usual, the main subject of their show was illegal immigration, no matter what the topic announced. But only of the Mexican kind, of course.

The fact that his family came to the U.S. through a backdoor that the Catholic Church put in place to get Polish immigrants into the U.S. seems to matter not the least. We hear very little of the large illegal Polish population currently in the U.S.

In Chicago alone, there appears to be about 70,000 illegal immigrants from Poland.

Worse, it appears to be quite common for Poles “visiting” the U.S. to overstay their visas. According to MSN Encarta (Encarta is no longer online):

“A third group of Polish immigrants came to the United States between 1971 and 1989. Many people in this group originally entered the United States on tourist visas, but remained in the country to live and work illegally. . .In the 1980s and 1990s, a relatively large number of Polish “visitors” have remained in the United States as illegal workers, sending money back to their families in Poland.

Sound familiar?

Fear is a funny thing. If you’re good at judging people, you can sense it when others are feeling it. John Kobylt is scared. He has no problem calling Democrats in the California legislature socialists. But when it comes to Barack Obama, slow down.

Amazingly, he says there is no evidence Mr. Obama, having outspent any California Democrat in their wildest dreams, and proposing to take over the largest sector of our free economy, has socialist leanings. Observe how the kid gloves suddenly appear on his hands when treating any subject where Mr. Obama is mentioned directly.

The yelling stops, the defense posture comes in, while he pretends to be outside the fray and his is the only voice of reason on talk radio.

Now, that’s FEAR. And that says more about Mr. Obama than any words any talk show host could possibly utter.

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