Obama To Veterans: Die For Your Country, But We Won’t Pay For Your Wounds

obama-pointing-at-youIt looks like Mr. Obama prefers a dead soldier to a wounded one. Does this sound harsh? It’s not our opinion, it’s Mr. Obama’s.

According to CNN, since March of 2009, Mr. Obama has had a plan on the table to make soldiers wounded in battle pay for their own health care through whatever means necessary, including their own private health insurance.

It’s no secret to anyone, at this time, that Mr. Obama will say anything to get his legislation passed. The problem is this: what passes and becomes law will affect all of us.

How can we trust a president with our nation’s health care, who seriously considers charging our wounded soldiers for their health care. Do we really believe that this is a man who holds anything patriotic about America in high esteem?

His response has been, well, they volunteered to serve our country. This is true. But in return, we owe all of our veterans respect and the common decency to care for them if they are wounded.

In case you think that this has been made up, disregard Snopes and FactCheck and listen directly to the White House admit that President Obama was in fact considering it, but dropped the idea when it was unearthed. . . . much as a cockroach scurries for cover when a light shines upon it.

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