The Man In The Mirror

What’s in a nose? Well, to Roxanne of Cyrano fame, perhaps not much. But this is no fable. It’s more of a horror show. Sad, really.

You see, Michael Jackson’s allegedly missing nose is indicative of something much more than fodder for humor. It belies a problem that both individuals face and one with which society as a whole is grappling. It’s some sort of real inner angst that expresses itself in destructive behavior, whether towards oneself or others.

In case you’re wondering “what missing nose?”, it turns out that Michael Jackson’s nose was detachable. It could actually be removed, according to Rolling Stone Magazine. Apparently, he had so much plastic surgery that it was whittled away, much as you would a carrot when scraping it with a knife.

It’s interesting that one can actually get such a distorted view of the world that you can go from this:

michael_boyIncredibly, to this!


Now that’s a problem. Of course, you may ask, how? Isn’t it his right to do what he wants with his face? Good question. The answer may lie in the fact that Michael was accused several times of child molestation. The destructive, distorted view of himself and how others saw him seems to have also manifested itself outward.

He was, as one author put it, when describing how Michael Jackson settled the first publicly known charges of molestation for a reported $20,000,000 when the boy accuser described to a T the splotches on Michael’s penis and buttocks, and even where the splotch moved when Michael had an erection: Michael was both bad and dangerous.

And therein lies the rub. It’s not just a “personal thing.” People who view themselves and others with such a distorted inner lens cannot possibly be expected to act any other way than, well, wacko. Here, I speak not of cause. I feel sorry for Michael. I speak of the consequences of whatever drove him to his particular kind of madness.

And, please, don’t tell me it was artistic genius. Being beaten as a boy and basically locked away to entertain others like some trained monkey is not genius. It’s cruelty. No, there’s something else going on here.

Michael himself said it in his music, but never was able to realize it personally: if you want to change the world (for the better, we assume), start with the man in the mirror.

The problem was, Michael tried to do it literally. His own music was the clue that the angst he felt was that he could not do it poetically. His soul remained possessed and tormented by his demons until the day he died.

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