Calling All Bloggers

It's Time To Write

It's Time To Write

As we start a journey to get the best bloggers, published as well as newbies, to go head to head in one place, we are very excited. We think nothing is more stimulating than having the best writers talk about every subject under the sun, from politics to health, from end of the world theories to some of the funniest viral emails and videos currently making their round on the internet.

If you’d like to join, it all starts with registering. Please register, then contact us about becoming a writer. We’ll then upgrade you to a contributor. If your article gets us to think, laugh or otherwise wake us up from a stupor, we’ll give you a go.

By becoming a contributor, you will be able to put forth your ideas and theories on the subject of your choice. And if you already have a blog, by all means, reference it so that our readers can see more of your writings.

As our entries grow, you’ll also be able to write counter articles on any subject we’ve posted, giving the “other side” a chance to clearly state their opposition and theories.

Controversy, no problem. Crass name calling? No, thank you. At least, that’s our suggestion.

The floor is open – but let’s keep the doors open by stating our points, as much as they may offend, with as much grace as possible.

In the end, the words are yours, and as such, when they are published, they will be left untouched. We won’t hunt you down, put a fatwa on your head or otherwise dismiss a good idea expressed crudely about any subject, from religion to good food.

Let us agree on one thing at sticks and stones may break our bones, but freedom of speech will only make us stronger.

Sign up to comment and if you’d like to post, contact us. The more, the merrier.


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