A Harvard Tale

It’s interesting, with so much made of an Harvard education, that when you see The Paper Chase, Harvard seems a place of stodginess as opposed to brilliance. I remember my professors talking about what an impression the movie made on them when they first saw it as college students.

Roger Ebert seemed to approve of the movie.

I think it’s a well made movie. But I don’t particularly find it engrossing as a college tale. I do find the characters very interesting. Put them in any setting, oh, say, training dancing mules. I still think they would be interesting. 😉

What I do find fascinating is how old the young looked back in the 70’s. All the students look much older than college age. Was that the norm? Most of them look like they should be professors.

In any case, enough! If you want to see The Paper Chase, in all it’s glory, you can it see here, at GreatBloggers.com, courtesy of Hulu.

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