Mr. Obama’s Speech To The United Nations – Part 1

Here is part 1 of Mr. Obama’s speech to the United Nations. The first portions of the speech, part 1, as well as the ending portion, part 4, have drawn the most criticism from American commentators. It’s important to hear him speak, first, before reaching a commentary. Here is part one of this speech to […]

Mr. Obama’s Speech To The United Nations – Part 2

Everyone should have the right to speak for themselves. Regardless of your point of view on Mr. Obama, every now and then we should listen. Perhaps they are empty promises, or they are pleas given to Iranian, Lybian and North Korean maniacs who couldn’t care less about real peace and prosperity. But this is America, […]

Mr. Obama’s Speech To United Nations, Part 4

Here’s the last clip of Mr. Obama’s speech to the United Nations.

New World Order: It’s How You Look At It

Here’s a scenario: It’s one of the threads that runs through the entire fabric of the New World Order conspiracy theory that one of the tools of the conspirators is the Zionist movement and its use to further the goals of instituting a one world government. It’s because under this view the real institutions of […]

Comedians Chris Matthews and Ellen Degeneres Continue The Laughter

Boy, oh, boy! Comedian and entertainer Chris Matthews continues giving us fabulous comedy routines, with another great team up with Ellen Degeneres. Watch as Chris and Ellen roll out the laughter with a continuation of comedian Chris Matthews wonderful use of physical comedy. Charlie Chaplin, look out!

Obama To Veterans: Die For Your Country, But We Won’t Pay For Your Wounds

It looks like Mr. Obama prefers a dead soldier to a wounded one. Does this sound harsh? It’s not our opinion, it’s Mr. Obama’s. According to CNN, since March of 2009, Mr. Obama has had a plan on the table to make soldiers wounded in battle pay for their own health care through whatever means […]

Chris Matthews: Not Since Buster Keaton!

We’ve got to hand it to Chris Matthews. He has got to be the best comedian and entertainer working today! He can take something, like, oh, I don’t know, SPEECH, and turn it into a comedic work of art!! Yes, that one deserved two exclamation points. Here he is giving us one of the best […]

Obama and Acorn (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now)

I’m not sure what to think about Acorn (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now). Perhaps their name says it all. Here is the group that helped elect Mr. Obama to the presidency and which Barack Hussein Obama has “had an intimate and long term association”, which was extensively covered by too few reporters during the […]

Obama: If You Tell A Lie, Make It Big

Representative Joe Wilson told the truth. He told it an arena where you usually allow the speaker to make his point, which you then later rebutt. But the big broohaha isn’t really over where he said it. It’s the fact that he plainly said it: Barack Hussein Obama is a liar. And he’s been lying […]

Watch and Understand Why Chris Matthews Has Become One of the Most Beloved Comedians and Entertainers The World Over

Chris Matthews, in a short amount of time, has become one of the most beloved comedians and entertainers in the world. His mastery of physical comedy is par none. Absolutely wonderful! Watch as he joins comedienne Ellen DeGeneres for another great Chris Matthews skit.

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