SHAKEDOWN! Dallas Ex-Mayor Pro Tem, His Wife Farrington Hill, and D’Angelo Lee Sentenced To Jail

Ex_Mayor Pro Tem, Don Hill

Ex_Mayor Pro Tem, Don Hill

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we first attempt to deceive!

Reverend Jesse Jackson would be proud!

Barack Hussein Obama would be proud!

Henry Louis Gates would be proud!

It’s not, as some may think, just because Don Hill claimed he was being investigated because he’s black. They would be proud, because in a sting operation conducted by the FBI, it was uncovered that Don Hill, Ex-Mayor Pro Tem of Dallas, Texas, was shaking down white developers under the guise of racial inclusion.

Don Hill, his wife Sheila Farrington Hill, and D’Angelo Lee were all sentenced to prison on Friday, February 26, 2010.

Ah, the sweet smell of affirmative action, quotas and diversity. Yes, yes, oh yes! Mr. Obama and the “Reverend” (“Don’t Be a Playa hata!”) Jackson can look with esteem and pride to one of their true comrades in arms.

You see, it’s no secret to anyone in today’s society, that those who scream, “Racism!”, the loudest, are usually the ones who have race on their mind all the time.

Hee hee.

It’s like a man, oh, say, Jesse Jackson, who cries when he says how black people were and still are called nigger, and that no one should use that word, then uses the word himself in talking about blacks while saying he’d like to cut off Obama’s nuts.

Maybe, I would tell my black friends, your problem isn’t the color of your skin, it’s the color of your brain: a nice hue of Liberal.


9 Responses to “SHAKEDOWN! Dallas Ex-Mayor Pro Tem, His Wife Farrington Hill, and D’Angelo Lee Sentenced To Jail”
  1. Michael says:

    When has President Barack Hussein Obama every blamed his problems/issues on his race? In fact, he has bent over backward to avoid bringing up issues of race. Furthermore, while I am not fan of Professor Gates, he is far from a race baiter…Rev. Jackson? He is at least more tolerable than Rush Limbaugh. You might want to take some freshman English classes to strengthen your basic analytical skills.

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  3. John Pips says:

    Hi, Michael. First off, thank you for your comment. However, I think it points out something quite disconcerting when it comes to Mr. Obama. Most of his defending public actually know very little about the man. But not all of that can be chalked up to intellectual laziness. The mainstream media basically blacked out any information concerning Mr. Obama, to the point he himself said he serves “as a blank screen, on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own view.” That, Michael, was no accident. In any case, your question appears to be rhetorical? That is, you presume the correct answer to your question is never. Nothing could be further from the truth. A lot has been written outside the mainstream media about Mr. Obama’s race baiting, Mr. Obama in his books does quite a bit of it, in his speeches has more than had his share of spoken nonsense, and soon I will in fact write an article concerning Harry Reid’s comments about Mr. Obama’s mysteriously appearing and disappearing “negro dialect.” This is a tough issue to discuss without a lot of emotion. I appreciate your tempered response. As far as professor Gates and Reverend Jackson, I compare them to no one. Hypocrisy comes from within, not without. I compare someone’s attitudes to their professed beliefs and let the chips fall where they may. Mr. Obama, professor Gates and “Reverend” Jackson all share on thing in common: hypocrisy. Read some more posts here, particular Newton’s. I hope my analytical skills aren’t too weak. πŸ˜‰

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  7. Fox says:

    They understood what they were doing.

  8. Jiv says:

    Some folk are yucky.

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