Obama Snitch Machine Is Working

The Obama snitch machine is hard at work. Using slick websites such as ObamaForAmerica.com, which was taken down and is now being forwarded to BarackObama.com, after Americans discovered that we’re being watched by The All Seeing One, Obama has gotten some Americans to turn over the emails of those who oppose Obama’s so called Health Care plan.

As Obama’s call for Americans to turn in one another for wrong thinking goes out, the Chicago Thug continues his quest for “change”. Change your mind that is, by any means necessary, as in Chairman Mao re-education camp.

People are receiving emails, who never asked to be placed on a mailing list, from the White House. The message: WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Who needs the KGB, Pravda or McCarthy, for that matter, when you have Obama, NBC, CBS, ABC and Emmanuel? The best way to handle this? The American way.

Snub your nose at them as columnist Fred Johnson did.

The end result: change we really need. Obama shut down the e-tip mailbox, though he appears to continue his Obama monitoring program.

In the video below, we have Mike Allen from politico.com explain the email forwarding program, giving a spin towards Obama. Notice the crazed eyes, as if drugged by some sort of Obama potion.

Is this really the change you seek? Do you want to go around with glazed eyes, preaching the Obama message in the face of all the evidence to the contrary?

I think not.

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