Obama Praises His Iraq Strategy: Al Qaeda In Iraq Kills 100

On Monday, August 17, 2009, Obama praised his Iraq strategy. On Wednesday, August 19, 2009, Al Qaeda in Iraq responded with a big thank you to the president. In a co-ordinated attack, as if to punctuate Obama’s speech, almost 100 Iraqis were killed in various parts of Baghdad.

It is the deadliest since Obama decided to start a new phase in relations with Middle Eastern terrorists through appeasement. See the actual news report from the Pentagon on Obama’s speech below.

If you really want to know what is happening in Iraq and throughout the world, when it comes to Obama, you need to view the news from Europe. Unlike the U.S. media, the European media have not all been put into a stupor by the Chicago Thug.

View a United Kingdom video report from the Telegraph UK, below. What was America thinking when they elected this man?

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