Obama: If You Tell A Lie, Make It Big

Representative Joe Wilson told the truth. He told it an arena where you usually allow the speaker to make his point, which you then later rebutt.

But the big broohaha isn’t really over where he said it. It’s the fact that he plainly said it: Barack Hussein Obama is a liar. And he’s been lying to the American people since his days as a Chicago thug street organizer. Watch and listen as Joe Wilson calls Obama a liar as he states the impossible: that the health care overhaul won’t cost a thing and illegal aliens will not benefit in any way.

Is Barack Hussein Obama a liar? Anyone who has seen this man act as the imperial wizard, here to tell us what to eat, how to live and even when to take a pain pill as opposed to getting a pacemaker, knows the answer.


Even CNN has been having trouble swallowing whole hog Mr. Obama’s constant assertions that he “is cutting the deficit” and he will go “line by line” to make sure there is no unnecessary spending.

In truth, he makes George W. Bush look like a penny pincher. Watch CNN worry that their “wonder boy” is turning out to be an “enfant terrible”.

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In the end, those swayed by the “singular historical event” of having a black man as president of the United States who’s supposedly “articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy” will probably remain unmoved by the facts.

But the one thing that remains is this: Barack Hussein Obama is a liar in a category all onto himself.

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