Cash For Clunkers: Hundreds of Dealers Pull Out Of Program. What Does This Say About Healthcare?

If the Obama plan for funding Cash for Clunkers is in such disarray, that Obama’s own car company, General Motors, aka Government Motors, cannot pay it’s own GM dealers, how does this bode for government run health care?

As is, GM central has stepped in to save face for Obama, putting up cash to fund dealers out of operating funds. Of course, we know that those funds are actually taxpayer funded TARP funds meant to rescue financial institutions. Instead, Obama raided those funds and gave them to his fat cat friends in the auto industry.

Even CNN, one of Obama’s mouthpieces, has chimed into the fray with articles titled, “Cash for Clunkers heading to junkyard.” And, so, this brings us to the question, how can a government run healthcare work when something as small in comparison cannot?

Medicare partially funds healthcare. It doesn’t actually run it. Obama wants to run it, much like his good friend Hugo Chavez runs Venezuela, as a little dictator with a God complex.

Obama and Hugo Chavez, good friends.

Obama and Hugo Chavez, good friends.

Both are socialists, both believe in nationalized industries, and both believe that the government is apart and over the people, as opposed to Lincoln’s understanding that we are a government of the people, by the people, for the people.

Should you be scared? Scared, yes. Paranoid, no.

Case in point, Obama’s WHITE union thugs attack black conservatives because their thinking isn’t right. You see, what you may not understand is this: in a socialist framework, the people are actually cogs in a wheel whose only justification for existing is their value to the state. That’s why in Obama’s world, even if you’re black, unless you tow the line, you’re worthless.

Yes, indeed. Obama has ushered in a new era. And a lot of people, black and white, don’t like it.

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