Barack Hussein Obama Proclaims He Is The World;The World Proclaims He Most Certainly Is Not

Barack Hussein Obama lost the Olympic venue for the United States of America.

Of course.

It looks like this is going to be another trend in the Obama administration: one humiliating defeat after another.

Mr. Obama is committing the cardinal sin that most wannabe dictators commit: he believes everything is about him. It’s becoming clear why he is so comfortable around other little dictators of the world. He thinks like them.

Mr. Obama thought that the Olympics were about the Messiah being able to leave his house and walk to the Olympic games in Chicago. The Olympic body thought otherwise. Mr. Obama, through his shenanigans, lost the United States’ chance in the first round of voting.

CNN, the Obama administration mouthpiece, was aghast and beside themselves.

But this is a much bigger loss than most people imagine. Long before Mr. Obama took office, in November of 2008, the now renowned thug made the appeal for the Olympics to be held in Chicago. You can view that appeal below.

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