As Obama’s Approval Rating Drops, He Pretends He’s A Republican

Obama_1It’s been a tried and true practice of liberals to hide their true intentions and philosophy behind Republican rhetoric. Barack Hussein Obama and the First Lady are no exception.

After Conservatives balked at his indoctrination speech to be given on Tuesday, September 8, 2009, it was changed to make Mr. Obama sound like a Republican conservative. Notice there is no direct talk to seek affirmative action to make one’s way through school, as Mr. Obama did. There are no comments about America being a place that someone can live their entire life and yet not feel any pride until their husband is nominated for president of the United States, as Michelle Obama declared.

The audacity that the two people whose ideas are so antithetical to the ones being espoused on Tuesday, to a compliant and compelled audience of school children, orchestrated to give us the idea that Mr. Obama is really a nice guy with a great First Lady at his side, is just one more indication that the suit currently occupying the White House is not a hollow suit at all.

It’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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