America: A Nation Under Seige

Our nation is being greatly jeopardized by this administration’s action; both the president and Congress.

obama-bill-signingIt is unacceptable for the president and Congress to sign legislation, the largest in our nation’s history, over 1,000 pages, when both have not done due diligence on behalf of the citizens of America.

Congress and the president should reconsider the direction they are taking our country. America was founded on democratic principles and values, as a sovereign nation with capitalism as the basis for our economy.

The president must confirm that he will lead our nation in harmony with our Constitution, keeping this nation free.

The following solutions are time-tested and will fast start a financial and civic renewal for our country:

1) Companies in financial distress should file Chapter 11. Companies such as Kmart and Boeing have done this and are in respected positions today.

2) The government should provide low-interest loans to the companies who file chapter 11. The money is to be paid back, saving jobs and helping the economy turn around.

3) We should also provide the same loans and rates to small and new businesses. This will boost the economy, create and save jobs, and repay the debt to our citizens; as opposed to putting American citizens in debt.

4) Get all illegal immigrants out of our country within 60 days of implementing a true immigration policy – which by the way, is in place, but not enforced. Illegal immigrants should check out with officials and do so orderly, otherwise be deported permanently.

5) Stop referring to citizens by race and color. All of in this country, both natural born and naturalized, are Americans and should be so referenced.

6) Broadcast an educational forum on TV for three to five evenings, in the name of public good, to educate the population on current taxes, the flat tax proposals, and the sales consumption tax with pros and cons of each from a neutral position. Then we can have an informed electorate vote on these issues.

7) Rescind the Davis-Bacon and public works policies. This would allow competitive, free-flow competition and improved mileage for dollars spent.

8 ) Consider a payroll tax moratorium for one year as an alternative to any more stimulus packages.

9) Each elected person at all levels of government volunteered for the job. It is therefore important that they first express and represent their constituents who elected them, not their personal ideas. This is the purpose of Congress and how they should how they should conduct their business.

10) Encourage cities to reduce the number of street lights to reduce energy consumption.

11) Encourage businesses to turn off lights and electric utilities one hour after the end of each business day, except for production and security needs.

12) Correct the misuse of Social Security. President Franklin D. Roosevelt created Social Security to assure qualified U.S. citizens, 65 years or older, a retirement income. At the time, a large percent of the population was rural, and therefore were not provided any benefits through employers. To correct this matter, he created the Social Security Act, which involves a contribution by individuals who are employed or have gainful income. It is supposed to be a trust. It should never be raided by other factions of the government.

13) Create legislation that requires solar energy on all new construction and where 50% or greater square feet is remodeled on existing property.

14) Stop solar wholesalers from restricting sales of equipment to distributors and installers. Any licensed contractor with a solar license should be able to purchase and install solar systems, at competitive prices.

17) We should consider providing a 2-way option at middle school entry; provide IQ and internet testing to assist student selection of academic or vocational track with the option to switch at the end of each semester, so long as he/she is progressing with passing grades and will graduate in one of these tracts at the end of 12th grade. This would strongly contribute to ending negative conditions that now exist in our educational system. Currently, our students exhibit low interest, negative behavior, poor attendance, and approximately 50% of all students are not graduating from high school.

18) Enhance civics through patriotism and Americanism. “Proud to be an American” themes will unite all citizens to stand firm in our heritage, constitution and foundational belief that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights.

19) Each public servant should reconfirm his/her oath to office and commit to its full support in carrying out the duties of their respective office.

20) Our nation was founded on a democratically, elected representative system. This offers the opportunity for elected officials to “poll” their electoral body and present their view in discussions and debates in Congress. In reality, Congress tends to reflect each individual representative’s position. Attempts by citizens to be heard is an act of futility. Voice messages actually result in a citizen’s inability to communicate their voice; emails go unanswered, letters go unanswered, to the point that one realizes the system is not working. The result is that the politicians run government as each sees fit and doesn’t represent its citizens. This is in violation of our constitution and how it is designated to work. True polling, not for the sake of votes, but for the sake of hearing the people’s voice can be a step in the right direction.

21) President Obama should make his authentic birth certificate public, just like all other persons running for public office. If there is nothing to hide, this should not be a concern. The news media should insisit on this as part of good journalism. Trust in government is a must in a democratic society.

22) Congress, according to America’s Constitution, is to be compensated by an illustrative norm of the citizen body they serve. We need to adjust the congressional benefit package, including paid vacations, holidays and sick leave accordingly. We are electing representatives, not royalty.


2 Responses to “America: A Nation Under Seige”
  1. ZAREMA says:

    Thanks the author for article. The main thing do not forget about users, and continue in the same spirit.

  2. Dallas says:

    The road keeping unemployment up is the unfunded governement expansion.

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